Kensington Market was a celebrated three storey indoor Market located on Kensington High Street, in London, considered to be a landmark of the fashion scene in the UK.
Before closing its doors in the beginning of the 2000s, Kensington Market was an agitated spot attended by a diverse clientele for over three decades. Amongst the Bohemians and Goths who used to shop there, celebrities like Boy George, Richard Branson and Lynne Franks, and even politicians like Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and the Queen would visit Kensington Market, attending to a variety of stores ranging from Barber Shops to Clock Repair stalls.
The remarkable building is remembered as one of the catalysers of underground fashion in London, catering to Hippies, New Romantics, Rockers, Punks and many others. 
These photos were made in the 1980s, when I live​​​d in England for two years and worked as a photogapher and photography assitant. During that time, I used to get my hair cut at Nick's barber shop in Kensington. 

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