Brasil Panorâmico
Panoramic Brazil

Metalivros Publishing Company, 2005

"Brazil, generous Brazil. To define it, to summarize it, to reveal it, that is the question"
Eduardo Logullo 
"(...) The photographer Ary Diesendruck, in order to show affection for the formation of this continental nation, made in twelve years of internal rides hundreds of images that manifest ethnological, social and natural aspects of the country. (...) The images in this book are therefore a biding imagetic introduction to the country, as a series of lessons always worth reviewing."

Edurado Logullo on Diesendruck's work presented in the book Panoramic Brazil.

The book is the third volume of the series Olhar Brasil. You can check out more of Ary's panoramic photographs on the Panoramic Images website by clicking the following link: 

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